We all know that to have your words and thoughts put into writing can be a disaster. With the right author however it can be a time when your inner dreams come to life. I have built a great reputation with my work so far because I have taken the time to understand my clients and what they want from the project. I pride myself on an 82% return customer rate – some of which have returned several times. Do not just take my word for it though, check out what my clients have said:

“Oh Janine, I’m nearly crying reading this – it’s perfect and exactly what I’ve been trying to say. Thank you so much for putting my feelings into words”

Kerry Stevens

“Janine is an exceptionally respectful and professional person with vast experience in her chosen subject specialism(s). When presented with a puzzle or task, Janine always ensures that her full attention is given to it, that deadlines are met, and quality is upheld. I am impressed by her ability to not only perform, but also learn at the same time, making her a very adaptable person too.”

Karl Houghton

“Janine carried out a brilliant piece of competitive analysis project work for us. She was creative, the work was well researched, and Janine presented her findings to us in a professional report. Thanks for working with us, Janine. We have no hesitation with recommending you and we look forward to working with you again.”

Preston Vocational College

“I would highly recommend Janine S white to facilitate any future writing requirements that may be essential in your line of work. Janine has worked with me on both personal and professional articles. Janine has shown extensive skills within her research abilities; including fact finding and the sourcing of credible evidence that supports all information discussed within each article. Janine has a rare talent in which she articulately demonstrates the importance of all the differing view points, thus allowing for thought provoking debates in relation to a wide variety of subject topics. Janine s white is a creative writer that gives people the opportunity to adapt to a different way of thinking. Janine writes authentically and in an idiomatic format, enabling the expressions and emotions to flow continuously throughout.”

Lorna Mulholland

“5* Amazing work and communication”

Moogle Marketing

“Excellent work. Most importantly Janine delivered by the date she had stated which a lot of the other content providers on this site fail to do. Would highly recommend Janine – good content and reliable.”

Laura K

“I thought this was a really thoughtful and measured piece, handling an issue which I had never paid much attention to before – your research and your approach to handling delicate issues of abuse and the welfare of children in these situations are really well executed. Thank you for writing!”

Esther – Everyday Magazine

“Excellent! Thank you. You actually understood exactly what I need!”


“Very good communication and excellent work – I look forward to working with Janine in the future.”

Martin J

More feedback and testimonials are available for you to view on request. Details of the clients to confirm their quotes are also available.

I am always eager to collaborate with others so if you have a topic that you would like me to consider please do not hesitate to get in touch here https://janineswhite.com/contact/

Janine S White Researcher and Writer