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Experience in Rome

I had an interesting life before starting to write, which has allowed me to go into depths that give an edge, emotion and allow my passion to show. Hopefully this is something that you notice. The truth is, if I do not feel that there is an understanding to be had, something that I can learn and a misconception that can be questioned then I struggle to enjoy it.

From a young age I have found that my motivation to learn has been in an attempt to understand a society that is quite simply, a myriad of contradictions. The more there is to delve into, the more I am attracted to the idea of researching it. My interest in the social and psychological world was introduced to me when my nan got me a book on psychology at thirteen years old. My senses were awakened and I could not get enough knowledge from then on.

Writing helps me to formulate what I have understood and to put my interpretation of the situation out there to an audience who also questions what they see and are told. I happily debate all subjects when I get the opportunity, so that I can see other viewpoints and maintain a balanced view.

My Experience

First and foremost I am a mum. That is and will always be my number one priority. Being a mum has allowed me to witness the changing world from the viewpoint of a parent as well as the child, teenager, employee and student. Risks, stereotypes and fears are always right around the corner in all of these roles. This experience helps me to write for a single parents website. As a parent and a human being, I have made some mistakes in my life and I have also had questions that I have had to research. I use this experience to let others know that they are not alone.

My career has included providing family support alongside social care. I have also been an Emotional Wellbeing Worker at Barnardos. I have worked with families affected by mental health issues, addiction, domestic violence and I have been a volunteer coordinator. These have all given me a great insight into the way that people process information, feelings and events. Writing for different audiences and communication at all levels has been a daily part of my life.

I have written blog posts, magazine articles and web content.

Reports for funders, meetings, courts, organisations and commissioners.

Other experience includes campaign briefing, competitor analysis, locating and analysing gaps in services.

Research has included all necessary to ensure my work is accurate, reliable and traceable. I have also had experience in researching and writing reports for new online charities to get them up and running, competitor analysis and ghost writing.

Most recently, I have taken on the role of managing a blogging team for a charity that supports the homeless and those in poverty.

Research Reporting

Editing Proofreading

Analysis Investigation

Content Writing Blogging Articles

Quantitative Qualitative Mixed

Interviews Case studies

My Education

Janine taking a cultural adventure.

MA Crime and Justice (With Merit)

Postgraduate Certificate in Social and Psychological Inquiry (With Merit)

BA Hons Open 2.1 – Personal Lives and Social Policy, Crime and Justice, Childhood, Child Development, Working with Children and Families Certificate in Social Sciences

Career Development training in Autism, various therapies, safeguarding, substance misuse, teenage pregnancy, mental health plus loads more.

Who I currently write for

Content Writer for Single Parents Support and Advice Service https://singleparentssupportandadviceservices.co.uk/advice/f/it-takes-two-babyby-janine-white

Content Writer for Speak Social https://blog.speak.social/

Author at Vocal Media https://vocal.media/authors/janine-s-white

Author at Medium https://medium.com/@janinewhite84

Blogging lead at Clothes For People in Need – Clothing Collective | London, UK

Further to this, I write feature articles for magazines, research for companies and organisations as well as continue to research, write and publish my independent works.