I have attempted to answer the common questions that I receive. If your question is not listed please contact me and I will strive to respond as soon as possible.

What experience do I have?

My experience can be found in the About and Portfolio page. I have also completed bespoke work in analysis, research and writing which is not on the website due to confidentiality and data protection. Please rest assured that if we agree that I can do a piece for you, then I am certain that I am able.

What qualifications do I have?

My qualifications can be found on the About page. I am very lucky to have both educational and practical experience in many areas. I have been called a ‘Jack of all trades’.

Can I evidence my work?

I am happy to provide references on request. Recommendations and endorsements can be found on the Home page and on LinkedIn.

Where do I get my sources from?

This varies according the work that I am commissioned for. I attempt to find experts for all of my work, whether this is direct networking or via previously commissioned works. When using academic articles, or previously published information I store sources and citations. I am able to embed these into the articles.

What about SEO?

SEO is a continuously evolving phenomenon which I attempt to keep up to date with and build into the work.

What things do I research?

This is an enormous question that I can not define as even the things that I never thought I would have an interest in have grasped my attention. Whether it is competitor analysis, research for articles or investigations for new services I always give my all. If you are unsure contact me and we can discuss.

What are my prices?

This is negotiable dependent on who, why, what, when and how.

Article, blog and ghost writing writing £20 – £50 dependent on word length, research involved and intended audience.

Research is based on a minimum of £25. This covers 1 hours research. The price rises according to the hours of work, methods of research required and how detailed the brief is. Anything more than an hour is negotiated prior to commencement.

Interviews are negotiated on a case by case basis.

I have cheaper rates for small start ups and charities. Please get in touch.