Keeping busy and building my knowledge base

In the last three weeks I have had my writing ability stretched. Although this has been scary at first I have had more positive experiences that allow me to beat the challenges that were holding me back before.

I have learnt over the years that I have patterns of behaviour when it comes to using my own thoughts and intelligence. Mainly that I am not good enough. My cycle has looked like this:

Apply for paid or voluntary work.

Interview for paid or voluntary work.

Get offered paid or voluntary work.

Panic that I am not good enough.

Turn down offer of paid or voluntary work.

Just over a year ago, I took control of my life. I decided that it was time for me to be who I am meant to be and push myself to make better choices, take the steps that were scary to me and show the world who I can be.

Within a year I have made a name for myself as a writer. A writer who can cover a multitude of genres.

By taking one step at a time I have challenged my fears, overcome them and obliterated them.

In the last three weeks I have been commissioned to write 20 blogs for one company, I have written 10 for another and 5 for someone else.

Taking those steps and seeing the feedback coming back to me is a dream come true.

As always when one dream gets fulfilled, another one grows. By having made these choices, pushed myself and succeeded, I know that with my new learning, my new experience and my new confidence, the future is in my hands.

It is finally the day where I am believing in myself to make a five year plan, a ten year plan, a lifetime plan. Knowing that I actually have a chance of achieving it.

To anyone out there who is scared of taking that step, scared of pushing yourself a little bit more. Give it a try. You might suprise yourself x

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