Having experienced a career providing practical, emotional and therapeutic support I became frustrated with the lack of understanding that my clients were facing. The misconceptions and assumptions in society that were greatly affecting the emotional health of already vulnerable people.

I am now a social advocate, a researcher and a writer. Offering a multitude of writing styles and a reader centred approach.


Thanks Janine for such a well researched, well written and informative article.”

“Oh Janine, I’m nearly crying reading this – it’s perfect and exactly what I’ve been trying to say. Thank you so much for putting my feelings into words.”

Kerry Stevens

Janine is an exceptionally respectful and professional person with vast experience in her chosen subject specialism(s). When presented with a puzzle or task, Janine always ensures that her full attention is given to it, that deadlines are met, and quality is upheld. I am impressed by her ability to not only perform, but also learn at the same time, making her a very adaptable person too.

Current Executive Editor

“Janine carried out a brilliant piece of competitive analysis project work for us. She was creative, the work was well researched, and Janine presented her findings to us in a professional report. Thanks for working with us, Janine. We have no hesitation with recommending you and we look forward to working with you again”

Preston Vocational College

I am always eager to collaborate with others so if you have a topic that you would like me to consider please do not hesitate to get in touch https://janineswhite.com/contact/